New Lightroom Presets Available

I absolutely love Adobe Lightroom, it’s what I use for processing 90% of my images, it’s just so quick and easy and the only time I touch Photoshop now is when I need to do heavy retouching, as you can even remove blemishes in Lightroom! My style of photography is about getting it as perfect as I can in camera, so I can just do some quick adjustments afterwards and I love playing with Lightroom Presets to give my images some different looks and I now have all my favourite Presets I’ve created for sale! Visit Cork and Crown on Etsy for these brand new Lightroom Actions available now. I also have a SHOP button added right to the top of this blog, so you can check for new products available any time! We are working on some cool new things!

Check out the Before and Afters!

autumnwarmthbeforeafter blackcoffeebeforeafter chinadollbeforeafter colorpopbeforeafter hazyfilmbeforeafter smokestack softvintagebeforeafter summersunbeforeafter