Adventures in Making Macarons

Lemon Macarons

Lemon Macarons

I decided to attempt what is considered one of the most temperamental treats, the French Macaron. I studied many sources, read the common tips and tricks, and finally settled on a basic beginners recipe and went for it.

My results were not spectacular, unfortunately most of them cracked but I was able to put together a few decent looking finished macarons. I filled them with a beautiful homemade lemon curd, which thankfully came together perfectly.

After reading this super helpful Macaron Troubleshooting Guide I believe my batter was too airy, as I was a little worried about over mixing, also my oven temperature is notoriously inconsistent. While I do have an in oven thermometer, the temperature keeps jumping up and down which makes baking such a delicate cookie difficult.

I’m really determined to perfect this recipe since the cost of making them at home is quite low and they are something very special and impressive to serve or give as a gift.

Next time I’ll try deflating the batter a bit more and I’ll also keep a very close eye on the oven temperature, and start it off at a lower heat. 

Does anyone have any good or bad Macaron experiences to share or any tips I can use for next time?

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